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Linkin Park: In The End, Sore Feet Can't Stop Them Taproot, Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm
February 13th, 2001
Pontiac, MI @ Clutch Cargo’s
REVIEW: Linkin Park's split personality shines brightly in concert Digital Dish Diva says: Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

Linkin Park: In The End, Sore Feet Can't Stop Them

Therese McKeon

On a steamy July Ozzfest date in Camden, New Jersey, Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson sat down with Shoutweb as he iced his injured foot. In the small tent designated for media that looked more like a battle zone, we dogged around the nine members of Slipknot awaiting their photo shoot and found a spot to tend to Brad's reoccuring injury. With half of the Ozzfest dates behind them, a very social Brad explained the band's tour plans for the rest of 2001, why artistic success is more important that commercial success, and just how he injured his foot in the first place.

Chester Bennington - vocals
Rob Bourdon - drums
Brad Delson - guitar
Joseph Hahn - DJ/samples
Mike Shinoda - vocals

Shoutweb: Oh, no. Here we are with Brad and he's got his foot up.

Brad: Hi! I'm in quite a bit of pain right now.

Shoutweb: Is it an Ozzfest kind of thing, pain and blood?

Brad: I wasn't necessarily trying for that. (laughter) I'm trying the toughen up kind of thing but I know if I do that I'm going to keep re-injuring it and it's going to cause me problems down the line.

Shoutweb: How did this foot injury first happen?

Brad: The perfect plug for our new video! (laughter)

Shoutweb: Woo-hoo!

Brad: We were filming our video for "In The End" in L.A. about a week and a half ago. You'll see in the video that we had a really cool set made.

Shoutweb: Where did you film it?

Brad: We filmed it on a sound stage in L.A. This guy, Patrick Kup, has done Godzilla and all of these huge motion picture special effects jobs in terms of set construction. He built our set and there were these little stairways with a ledge. Nathan Cox, who co-directed the video with Joe, wanted me to jump off this five foot thing. Maybe it was three feet but it makes it sound better if I say it was five feet! (laughter)

Shoutweb: You couldn't get a stunt double? (laughter)

Brad: No! (laughter) I couldn't land it right so the third time I did land it but I think I hurt my foot. Then I had to play on it the whole night. It was a 16 hour shoot. There were rain scenes and water being dumped on us for three hours. Alright, I am just the complaining guy today! My foot healed and now we just played this Camden, New Jersey show and I did something to it. It was kind of towards the beginning of the set. I was like, should I just push through or gimp out and lay down on the floor? I was able to do the latter unfortunately. You could get me to complain all day long if you keep asking me these types of questions!

Shoutweb: Are you still wearing headphones on stage?

Brad: Yeah.

Shoutweb: Explain that to me.

Brad: I'll sell you that story for ten grand. That's the going price.

Shoutweb: I will take "headphones" for two thousand please! (laughter)

Brad: Actually, if I told you then I'd have to kill you. (laughter)

Shoutweb: Oh, no!

Brad: I will say that it has something to do with the matrix. Not the movie, the actual matrix and being connected with it. Mr. Hahn has been rubbing off on me. I'm starting to integrate sci-fi humor into my schtick. It probably isn't too popular with a mass audience. (laughter)

Shoutweb: (laughter) I thought it was Joe getting you into it. I was going to blame him for the headphone thing. He's so cool up there with the headphones then he only uses one side of the headphones. Joe is just so cool. So are you trying to be like Joe? (laughter)

Brad: He's actually queuing up. But I won't give him credit for the headphones. That's all mine.

Shoutweb: So, are you trying to keep the noise out or get certain sounds in on those headphones?

Brad: That's all I'm going to give you!

Shoutweb: Damn! I keep digging and coming up empty, man. (laughter)

Brad: (looking at his foot) Is this elevated? This isn't really elevated, is it? What if we put your camera bag up there?

Shoutweb: (puts camera bag on the chair under Brad's foot) There we go.

Brad: Now the interview can resume. That will be a parenthetical, right? (Puts bag under ice)

Shoutweb: (Puts bag under foot. Brad is feeling better) Is it feeling any better?

Brad: No.

Shoutweb: Uh, oh. They are doing a photo shoot with Slipknot in here so we may get moved.

Brad: They probably don't want my foot in their shoot.

Shoutweb: I'm am sure they'll move you if you are in their way. So, anyway, back to the video. Tell us about it.

Brad: I just saw the first edit today. Joe has been increasingly involved in our video creation process. He actually co-directed our last video "Papercut" which is more for international audiences. I don't know if it will be shown in the U.S. He and Nathan Cox teamed up again for our "In The End" video. Joe and Nathan wrote the treatment and they just surrounded themselves with a bunch of great people. I think it's going to be really cool.

Shoutweb: And that's it?

Brad: That's as much as I can give you which is why I'm not a video director! I'd come in to pitch the band's video and I'd be like, "Okay guys, it's going to be really, really cool. We're surrounding ourselves with really great people. And it's going to be good."

Shoutweb: I saw you guys at HFStival and the KROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic 5.0. You were down on your knees on the stage doing this thing.

Brad: I was?

Shoutweb: Maybe that's why your foot hurts.

Brad: Actually, I do get down on my foot. I didn't do that at the end because that hurts it. It kind of sucks because on the Ozzfest you can't go into the crowd.

Shoutweb: Is that a rule?

Brad: Yeah, it's a liability. A lot of concerts don't have that rule. On other dates, Chester or Mike will go out to where the kids are and participate with them. On these shows it's a challenge to get as close to the kids as possible without actually going into the crowd.

Shoutweb: Is playing the main stage hindering you guys at all?

Brad: It's harder because the set-up is the reverse of a normal show because instead of having all the kids up front you have them all in the back on the lawn. When you're in seats, it's a lot harder to go off. It's hard to create a moshpit in a seating section. It's been our challenge throughout this tour to try to get those people who are in their seats up and out of them. At first, we were kind of taken aback by it. Even at today's show, Mike just has to curse at the people and then they'll get up after that.

Shoutweb: But there has been a lot of positive reaction to the fact that you guys don't curse - not even on the record.

Brad: That's an over simplification. We don't curse on the record but if you hang out with us for long enough, you could probably write your own curse dictionary. Ironically, a lot of the curse words come out in between the songs. Plus, it's Ozzfest. You have to curse.

Shoutweb: Some people have said that "Linkin Park is so huge that they don't need to be on Ozzfest" and that "Ozzfest used to be for up and coming bands."

Brad: Really? We've only been on the road for a year! This is actually our one year anniversary of touring - three days ago. First of all, I don't agree that the main stage is for up and coming bands. I think the the main stage is to showcase really strong bands with a strong history like Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath. Even Slipknot is becoming more of a veteran act. It's really nice to be able to share the stage with those bands. Also, we're relatively new compared to most bands. Like I said, we've only been on the road for a year and we've come a long way in a fairly short time.

Shoutweb: You have a lot of old school people. There are a lot of mullets and real metal heads, especially in this crowd in New Jersey.

Brad: Well, you have mullets all over the country.

Shoutweb: And then you have all the younger kids.

Brad: I think there is a good mix in these audiences.

Shoutweb: So, the last time I hung out with you guys I saw Chester and Mike at a bar before HFStival.

Brad: I was there! I have a reputation for being pretty anti-social so I want to state for the record that I was really there! (laughter)

Shoutweb: Right, we all believe you! (laughter)

Brad: Seriously, I was there. There were a lot of bands hanging out and we had a lot of fun.



Taproot, Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm
February 13th, 2001
Pontiac, MI @ Clutch Cargo’s

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian hit the nail squarely on the head when he said recently something to the effect of, “LIMP BIZKIT is just THE BACKSTREET BOYS with guitars.” Ian must not have seen LINKIN PARK yet because that is exactly the perfect descriptor for these puff” Metal” wonders. And aren’t they so pretty too, my god little girls were actually fainting in front of the stage! They do have their chops down so much credit for actually playing their instruments and it can’t be said that people didn’t enjoy them so what is the complaint? It just smells of Satan’s crooked hand wiping out any real Hard Rock or Metal band’s success at radio. If you value your GODSMACK on the airwaves you will discourage people from buying LINKIN PARK because if this stuff hits any bigger than it has you can say goodbye to anything with any meat on it for a long while.

On the other hand TAPROOT has continued on in the tradition of crossover Nu-Metalers like THE DEFTONES and found their own happy mediums between Metal, Rap and Rock infusing some well conceived lyrical notions for the Hard Rocker who likes to ponder a lyric now and then. As for this evening in particular it was another homecoming show for the Ann Arbor natives who seemed to come up with just a little more for the friends and family in the audience. Lead Singer Stephen Richards found it hard to keep all of the energy from overflowing the stage leaving his bandmates and road crew to fish him out of the audience at least a dozen times. Twice during the evening he scaled the second tier scaffolding and leapt into the audience below. The sold out show had the fans squeezed in pretty tight so there wasn’t really much chance of hitting the floor but still, not something I would try.

The song selection ran like this, “Mirror’s Reflection,” “Dragged Down,” “Day by Day,” “Again and Again,” “Now,” “Comeback,” “I,” “Smile,” and “Emotional Times” finished it all off. “I” is the group’s latest single to radio and seemed to get the best response from the audience though the entire set was the definitive high-energy live experience.

ALIEN ANT FARM was added to the bill as an afterthought but everyone seemed to benefit from the addition. AAF had a chance to make some converts in front of a sold-out room and the audience got to see a band that should leap frog its way to headlining status in short order. Of the seven songs played “Wish” seemed to be the crowd favorite. They did end the set strangely with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” which is a move that I can only hope they reconsider before returning to town with the ORGY tour.

Reviewed by: David L. Wilson



REVIEW: Linkin Park's split personality shines brightly in concert


Linkin Park was just about to rock onstage, when a simpleton in the back of the Thomas & Mack Center arena threw some nasty, unidentified liquid onto the backs of one unsurprised rock critic and a dozen or so suddenly angry, teen-age-looking fans, who whipped around to scream and cuss in disbelief that such an uncivilized doofus would show up at a rap-metal concert. The nerve.

One of these wet fans consoled his shaved-headed self by firing up a delicate joint, there in his white sleeveless T-shirt. Meanwhile, the concert had started. And on the floor, in the middle of the 13,280 bouncing, fist-shaking fans, two big gaggles of kids had started knocking each other around in circles with the usual mosh pose of "hey, look, I'm skipping around like a little bird ... but I'm pushing you real hard, too!"

Sunday's concert at the Thomas & Mack Center offered this juxtaposition all night. Wild emotional types coexisting not so peacefully with polite metal heads. The band was both types. Wild in songs, but gracious in demeanor.

The young men of Linkin Park are rock's most well-mannered screamers. The Los Angeles upstarts sold more albums than any other act last year, without cussing in their songs, without drinking before shows (they say for professional reasons), and without making jerks of themselves in public or backstage (reportedly).

For an hour onstage, they performed 15 songs, bouncy hits such as "In the End" and "One Step Closer," and OK songs such as "Pushing Me Away." They played with the careful economy of pros. No song grew older than four minutes. But the songs sounded no different than they do on the star-making debut album, "(Hybrid Theory)."

All the songs followed Linkin Park's hybrid DNA: Calmed metal. Raucous rock. Sing-song melodies. Fun, light, hip-hop rhythms. DJ scratchings. And Linkin Park's crunchy guitar peaks were balanced by soft piano tinkerings and other soft valleys.

The band's two, self-assured vocalists provided each other with a sort of one-man Greek chorus. Chester Bennington sang and screamed in tune. MC Mike Shinoda rapped melodically, like he was from the suburbs. They went like this in "Crawling":

Bennington (yelling): "Crawling in my skin, these wounds, they will not heal." ... (Then softer, as if meditating) ... "I can't seem to find myself again. My walls are closing in."

And Shinoda finished the thought by rapping all manly: "I'm convinced that it's just too much pressure to take."

The two vocalists' expressions came off as the combined conscious and subconscious therapy musings of one person, a confused, fed-up paranoid, but a paranoid who knows how to write a catchy song.

And a paranoid with good manners. Bennington thanked fans. He thanked the security guards. (The crowd called "Boo" to that.) He thanked Las Vegas for having the best fans. Plus, anyone who buys music. Also, local bands in attendance. He even thanked the 850 national fans who belong to "street teams" that have chatted up Linkin Park's reputation on the Internet, and who have attended other bands' concerts while wearing Linkin Park T-shirts.

"How many street-teamers in the house?" Bennington asked, an odd question that no singer ever, ever asks. A few fans raised their arms. He thanked them.

In the end, Bennington invited all the tour participants onstage. Not just the opening bands, but even some roadies. He led them and the crowd to shout the final thought of the night, the sing-along chant, "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" That sure was nice of him. What a kind, young paranoid.


Digital Dish Diva says:
Welcome to MSN Live! Today we are pleased to welcome Linkin Park to MSN Live!

Digital Dish Diva says:
It's great to have you here! Brad, Joe and Rob are in the house!

Digital Dish Diva says:
We have a few thousand questions so let's get started!

Linkin Park says:

rebelchick88 in Onstage3 asks:
Was it fun hosting the Family Values Tour 2001?

Rob says:
Rob: Yeah, it was great!

LPark316 in Onstage9 asks:
I hear the DVD will have live footage. Where was the live footage filmed from?

Joe says:
It was filmed from our entire touring span, over the last 14 months. It starts when we started, and includes the Family Values Tour and also some in Europe.

Brad says:
We did the DVD ourselves, so you're really getting a direct look at the goofy stuff we do.

Hybrid_by_Blood in Onstage3 asks:
If any of you get an adrenaline rush during the show, how long does it last?

Brad says:
I get an adrenaline rush in my broken foot, until I slip back into my wheelchair when it's over.

archangel42o in Onstage2 asks:
Hey guys, I'm going to see you guys in concert soon and I wanted to know are you in the process of recording a new album?

Rob says:
We're not in the process right now. We have a studio in one of our buses and we are putting ideas down. We will make a new album when we finish our tour next year.

Blondebarbie_6 in Onstage9 asks:
Brad, do you regret not going to law school?

Brad says:
No, I do not regret not going to law school because I would have had to wake up early and study a lot.

mipaso0 in Onstage9 asks:
Did you name your band after the Lincoln Park in Santa Monica? That's where I ball at. You guys come on down.

ScottWeiland_Fan in Onstage4 asks:
Did Linkin Park get their name after Lincoln Park in Michigan?

Rob says:
We got the name from the Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, and we spelled it differently to get the domain name. Now it's not called Lincoln Park any more so we will have to change our name to that. (laughs) It's now named after some woman.

platnumgirl88 in Onstage11 asks:
Hey Linkin Park! What's your favorite place to perform? like, what state?

Linkin Park says:
We like to perform in L.A. because when we're done with the show we get to go home. We've been home every once in a while but not for any extended time for about a year.

InTheEndLP1 in Onstage6 asks:
You guys write such intense lyrics. Does it come from personal experience and feelings?

Joe says:
Joe: We listen to a lot of Tupac.

Brad says:
Anything Joe says is sarcastic and should not be taken seriously.

Alisa_346 in Onstage10 asks:
Did you have fun making the video for "In the End"?

Rob says:
It was fun but Joe worked us like slaves.

Black_Beauty_Denmark in Onstage10 asks:
Do you like having fans waiting for you at airports?

Joe says:
No we don't. That's a very serious answer.

Gackt247 in Onstage9 asks:
I've heard that some are your songs are in Japanese. Is that true?

Linkin Park says:
That's not true.

±N唁§ in Onstage10 asks:
If the rumor is true that Sam is pregnant then CONGRATULATIONS CHESTER!

Linkin Park says:
Yeah she is pregnant. Thank you for that.

eric2782 in Onstage6 asks:
Which bands did you follow when you were growing up?

Linkin Park says:
We listen to everything from Hip Hop to Rock to Alternative, Retro, Punk. Nine Inch Nails, Def Tones, Depeche Mode, Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire and Dave Matthews Band.

Milky196 in Onstage10 asks:
I think the lyrics are awesome. What inspired "Papercut" and "With You"?

Linkin Park says:
Mike and Chester wrote the lyrics so we can't give you a good answer for that.

BlueFlameMagik in Onstage4 asks:
Who drew the cover art for the album?

Linkin Park says:
Mike did the cover art and worked with Frank Maddocks. Joe did some of the artwork inside the CD booklet.

glifberg111 in Onstage11 asks:
Do you have any nicknames for each other?

Brad says:
My nickname for Joe is "I'm tired of talking to you."

Joe says:
My nickname for Brad is "Pigpen." The guy from Peanuts, imagine Pigpen in a wheelchair, that's Brad.

volrathxp in Onstage9 asks:
Brad, what is your favorite guitar that you play?

Linkin Park says:
My Gold PRS.

SIC_ME in Onstage4 asks:
Hey, I'm going to your show tonight in Portland, but are you going to have a signing booth like you did for Ozfest, or anything similar?

Linkin Park says:
Unfortunately we're unable to do that at the show tonight. We can do some meet and greets but nothing like we did at Ozfest. You can visit our fan website at http://www.LPUnderground.com starting on our next major tour. This is for fan club members only.

AngelPrincessCher in Onstage10 asks:
How many hours does it take you guys to record on song because I am thinking about becoming a singer?

Brad says:
Sometimes songs come around really fast and others it takes a long time. We have songs over a year old that aren't finished. The key is to keep writing, with each song you get better and better.

PyrotechnicalFault in Onstage3 asks:
My sister is convinced that you have pop music on the album. It is death metal, isn't it?

Linkin Park says:
It's not Death Metal and it's not Pop.

LJoustra in Onstage4 asks:
Mike, what kinda coin is it that you're wearing almost all the time?

Linkin Park says:
That got ripped off Mike's neck in Indianapolis and after the show everyone helped him look for it, and he ended up finding it himself on the ground. It's a Japanese family crest.

gatewood82 in Onstage9 asks:
Which song means the most to you guys and why?

Brad says:
I like the song "My December." It's about going home.

Joe says:
I enjoy performing "A Place for My Head."

king_of_all_ssj in Onstage6 asks:
Do you guys spend all your time together like a big family or do you separate at the first chance? (probably got some good family values)

Brad says:
We never have a chance to separate unfortunately.

Rob says:
We're a big happy family.

jessicaloveschester in Onstage1 asks:
Do you listen to music before a show to get pumped? if so, what?

Brad says:
Except for Joe, he's a recluse. (laughs)

Joe says:
I listen to Enya before I play because it gets me riled up.

linkinpark4ever_chick in Onstage4 asks:
I can't wait for the new DVD. How did you come up with the name?

Brad says:
That name is probably the worst name I've ever heard of for anything and unfortunately we got stuck with it.

Rob says:
Coming up with names is not easy. The name does work because it's not all serious. The name doesn't mean anything though. It's just something that sounds stupid.

omikron_angel in Onstage1 asks:
How do you guys feel when you get this overwhelming response to scheduled chats like this? BTW it was fun.

Brad says:
We just do what they tell us to do.

Joe says:
It's mixed emotion, a little sadness mixed with joy.

Rob says:
A little fear too.

L1nkinPark in Onstage10 asks:
How old were you when you started scratching?

Brad says:
I don't really scratch.

Rob says:
I was high school. I don't know how old, about 10th or 11th grade.

Joe says:
Now he's 43. So that's 25 years.

omikron_angel in Onstage1 asks:
Brad, why do you wear big headphones?

Joe says:
Can't say.

Brad says:
Brad: Can't say.

HOLYS8T in Onstage9 asks:
Where there any hard sacrifices to be made to become what you are? I hope to be great music artists like you guys one day and I know some of the sacrifices I'm gonna have to make if I decide to do it.

Brad says:
Yes. We've all had to be away from our family and loved ones and it's a huge sacrifice we've made to be on tour and be a real performing band.

Brad says:
I hate cigarettes.

thibi_yen in Onstage7 asks:
Was it your childhood dream, being a rock star, or did you want to become something else?

Brad says:
We don't try to be rock stars and if we act like them, we apologize.

Rob says:
I always dreamed of performing professionally and this is a great one.

Joe says:
I like to scratch for cash.

blinkin04 in Onstage3 asks:
Hi. What's the secret to success?

Rob says:
That's actually a movie Michael J. Fox made in the 80's and plays quite often.

Brad says:
Persistence and being passionate about what you do.

Yagami_Hikari in Onstage3 asks:
What's your next single going to be? I really love Runaway. (hugs, kisses and cookies)

Brad says:
We might put out "Points of Authority" for the DVD but we're not really releasing any more singles from this record. We're focusing on a remix record that is coming out and then our next record.

HiGhVoLtAgE335 in Onstage10 asks:
Are you going to remix your very first CD when you were Hybrid Theory?

Rob says:
We're remixing "High Voltage" and re-releasing "Hybrid Theory EP" only to our fan club members at http://www.LPUnderground.com

mr_blah0 in Onstage11 asks:
What do you guys enjoy doing in your spare time?

Rob says:
We like to go home.

Brad says:
We enjoy reading, going to movies.

Joe says:
Taking long walks on the beach together, enjoying nature.

timb0LinkiN in Onstage3 asks:
Hey Brad. When you're practicing on your guitar do you play your own songs or other songs?

Brad says:
Mostly I noodle or write new stuff.

BrAcKiSh_KiTtiE015 in Onstage3 asks:
Who is the one band you would like to do a tour with?

Brad says:
One band is Cypress Hill and we're currently trying to make something happen.

Linkin_Devil01 in Onstage3 asks:
What do you enjoy most about being in the band?

Linkin Park says:
Time away from Joe. (laughs)

Germany512 in Onstage6 asks:
What was your first time onstage together like? Scary, exciting?

Brad says:
Mixed emotions, both scared and excited.

corpsegrinder0 in Onstage2 asks:
Why do you guys change your hair style so often?

Rob says:

ArtsyAlexis82 in Onstage4 asks:
Phoenix does this weird foot thing when he's on stage. What's up with that? I love you guys!

Brad says:
He's got a spastic foot.

Joe says:
He has 6 toes.

Rob says:
He's got webbed feet.

lauderdale20guy in Onstage3 asks:
What possessed you to change the lyrics for "Point of Authority"?

Linkin Park says:
We didn't change them, but an early copy that was a work in progress got out onto the Internet with slightly different lyrics.

SpandexGnome7 in Onstage9 asks:
Do you feel that the emotional vacuum created in the post-grunge, alterna-pop music morass has, in a sense, created a deeper, more reflective songwriting trend in the metal genre?

Joe says:
You need to write for "Rolling Stone."

Rob says:
You're too smart for this chat.

tjalian in Onstage6 asks:
My mum listens to your music in bath. Isn't that great?

Linkin Park says:
That's awesome. That's the best thing I've ever heard!

drag102 in Onstage4 asks:
All Mexico is waiting for an answer. Are you considering coming to this great country?

Brad says:
We are considering it. We are hoping to come at the beginning of March.

LP_freako in Onstage11 asks:
Will you guys be there for the MAA in Singapore?

inlovebyLP in Onstage1 asks:
Do you want someday to come hear in Brazil?

Linkin Park says:
The only international shows we're planning to do soon is Mexico City. But we will be going to all those other places hopefully on the next record.

LpAshley in Onstage11 asks:
How many guys in the band are married?

Linkin Park says:
Just Chester.

pcmon2 in Onstage11 asks:
Do you ever get hoarse for shouting so much in your songs?

Brad says:

RoCkStArDiVaGrL2 in Onstage2 asks:
"One Step Closer" is on the radio right now. Do you like performing that song?

Linkin Park says:
Yes, it's fun. That's a great song to perform.

Joe says:
That's a great song to listen to in the shower also.

Brad says:
Aaron comes out and does that with us sometimes.

Joe says:
The singing. Not the shower.

Guanobabeke in Onstage1 asks:
Is there any band you would like to meet someday?

Joe says:
I'd like to meet U2.

Rob says:
I'd like to meet Dave Matthews Band.

Brad says:

Joe says:
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

ScratchedBeat83 in Onstage7 asks:
How does your family react to your success?

Linkin Park says:
They stopped giving us allowance.

mysaj in Onstage3 asks:
Which do you prefer bigger shows at arenas or smaller more intimate venues?

Rob says:
Both are fun. The best part of small crowds is to be able to be more personal with the fans and hang out with them after the show. We can't do in large shows.

stm_sk8rchic03 in Onstage4 asks:
What city so far has been the most fun to perform at?

Brad says:
I liked playing in London.

Rob says:
Sydney, Australia and New York City.

PrincessHazel1 in Onstage6 asks:
Do you get upset when people approach you in public and ask to take a picture with you? Just for future reference.

Joe says:
I have a hard time interacting socially with people.

Rob says:
Other than Joe having trouble, we LOVE it!

Eeemma in Onstage3 asks:
Have you ever done something stupid on stage? If so what?

Joe says:
I spit on the floor once.

rhyme_missile in Onstage9 asks:
Where do you get the cool stage props from, and do you design them?

Brad says:
Mike and Joe design them with Michael Wetstone who has also designed for Ice Cube, KoRn, and Eminem.

Linkin Park says:
Also Chester contributes to those designs.

VivikaOrange in Onstage7 asks:
How does it feel to tell your deepest feelings to the whole world through music?

Brad says:
I think making music, making art or doing anything is a good way to express your emotions.

Digital Dish Diva says:
Brad, Joe, Rob, thanks for joining us tonight before the show. Best of luck with the new DVD, "Linkin Park - Frat Party at the Pancake Festival."

Brad says:
I want to thank everyone for joining this chat and sticking around. Even though our answers are funny, we deeply appreciate interacting with our fans. We love to do that and the best way for us to do that is for you all to join the LPUnderground.com fan club so we can interact more directly.

Digital Dish Diva says:
Thanks to Linkin Park for joining us tonight on MSN Live.


Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

Linkin Park’s album, Hybrid Theory, comes out on October24th. But before the album even hits the store shelves, Linkin Park has been creating a buzz on radio and MTV with the first single “One Step Closer.” RockRage.com got a chance to talk to Mike Shinoda, one of the vocalists and emcee of this young and talented band

RR:          Are you on tour right now?


MS:         Yeah, we’re in the middle of a tour with Kottonmouth Kings.

RR:          How did you hook up with Kottonmouth?


MS:         It’s funny because that was something that just came our way. It was offered to us. Our agent let us know that was something that was available, that they were interested in having us open for them. We weren’t that familiar with the Kottonmouth guys’ stuff. We knew of the band and we saw some of the stuff and it looked pretty cool. But once we got on tour, and to say we didn’t have and listen to the album fully, you know what I mean? Like sometimes we’re really familiar with the stuff. These guys, we didn’t know that much about what they were doing, came on tour and they are awesome guys. As far as the social thing to hang out with, they are totally really nice guys. Their show is extremely energetic and fun to watch...And we have a lot of fun. We’re stoked to be on this tour. It’s been a really fun. We get a lot of experience playing and get out there in front of a lot of kids.


RR:          And starting next week, as far as I’m concerned, is a pretty major tour with P.O.D. and (hed) PE.


MS:          Starting pretty soon in the beginning of November.


RR:          You guys all psyched up for that one?


MS:          Yeah, we’re stoked. P.O.D., Project 89, and (hed) PE and us.


RR:          When you first started the band, you had Rob and Brad who you started the band with and you were the vocalist. Then you brought in Chester. What was the reasoning for bringing in a second vocalist into the group?


MS:          Well, what was going on at that point was we were playing around with some other friends of ours who did music. At that point when I started it there actually was a person singing. And then we brought on Chester. We were ready to get the record deal and that was almost four years ago that we were at that stage. We were basically just playing with friends. It was just that. We were playing music with friends. It was semi-serious. We wanted to make good songs, but that was basically it and we wanted to play them in front of friends. It was a social thing. We never thought that we would do anything this big with it. We just wanted to make something really good. And I always wanted to mix these styles of music and put all the things that I liked into the same things. And the other guys felt the same way. So when we all got together that’s how it naturally happened. It got tot point about two years ago where we decided that we needed to find somebody who is a really awesome, amazing vocalist. That that is their main thing. And that’s what we did.


RR:          And how does that work when you write the music? Do you intentionally write the lyrics for two vocalists or do you kind of feed off of one main lyrical content?


MS:          We write together. I write my parts. We write all of the major parts of the song together. The lyrics to a song focused on one topic or one scenario, one emotion, so as to be cohesive. Four years ago we were writing songs where that thins were divided up and it’s very easy to write a song where the hip-hop part is separate from the rock part, which is separate from the electronic part, but I don’t think that’s where we are anymore. Nowadays what we like to do and what you here most on the album is just one song with many different things that make up a character. And that’s kind of how the lyrics work. It’s one theme and then it’s just presented in a bunch of different ways whether it be rapping or whispering or singing or screaming. However we would need to go about it.


RR:          Pretty aggressive and intensive stuff you got going. But then you get to “Cure for the Itch” and it’s got this relaxed, fantasy-like techno thing going with no lyrics. How did that come about because the rest of the songs are pretty intense and this one is laid back and lose yourself kind of thing. Was their a purpose to this or just kind of thrown in?


MS:          That’s just a point in the album where we felt it was appropriate. That particular song is something that our DJ, Mr. Hahn, and I came up with. It came from a beat that he did with the drums that he did and the strings that I arranged. From there we just kind of went off in an electronic direction that I thought was cool. And I think it turned out really well. We’re totally happy with that. The band was totally stoked about it.


RR:          It does work in great. Then in the band itself you don’t have a bass player, but you do take one out on the road with you. Any plans of making a permanent bass player in the band?


MS:          For right now we’re totally stoke to have Scott play with us live and its been great. We’ve had a really good time so far playing. The people who come to the show enjoy watching him play and we enjoy playing with him. So far everything is great.